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Expertly Assisting Clients With Loan Negotiations

The R.W. Kline Team provides brokerage and real estate advisory services. Affiliated with major real estate firms, the real estate brokers at RWK will provide the industry knowledge to assist you in your transaction.

Our team services the lender with a full-service disposition strategy. We are a one-source workout solution where receivership, management, and brokerage work under the same umbrella. Time is often the enemy of a distressed asset and why it is important for a third party solution's team to be full service and synchronize its efforts.

Our services include:

  • Acquisition:

    Strategy, Underwriting, Market Analysis, Due Diligence

  • Disposition:

    Property Valuation, Property Sales, Note Sales, Liquidation Services

  • Asset Management:

    Planning, Budgeting, Analysis, Oversight of Properties/Portfolios, Repositioning

Our Team routinely negotiates the majority of commercial loans with CMBS lenders and assists clients in negotiating loans.