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Commercial Loan Workouts

Helping Businesses With Commercial Loan Workouts

The Balance Sheet and CMBS Specialists at R.W. Kline Companies work alongside company management to develop a workout strategy that makes sense and is able to be executed. We provide expert assessment, evaluations, and real estate asset management to those who may be especially hit hard by pending or likely commercial foreclosures.

Before bankruptcy becomes the only option, RWK works with companies to develop workout strategies that restructure commercial real estate loans to more favorable terms.

Due to our expertise and standing relationships with numerous lenders, our team has been able to successfully negotiate write-downs and/or forbearances that are typically 15–20 percent better than a company that negotiates on its own behalf.

In today's financial marketplace, mergers and acquisitions are often an avenue for producing a stronger, more viable company with greater efficiency and economies of scale.

R.W. Kline Companies is a commercial real estate broker and is affiliated with its broker-dealer arm of TR Winston.