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Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisition Services to Help Expand Your Business

Buying or merging companies in order to acquire assets, market share, or new technology are popular strategies in recessionary markets. Creating greater efficiency and achieving economies of scale are some of the goals of a merger or acquisition, yet two-thirds of all mergers fail.

R.W. Kline Companies has architected and participated in many successful mergers and acquisitions. With our focus on commercial real estate-related companies and experience in all aspects of asset solutions, capital placement, financial management and land development, RWK injects experience and reality into merger and acquisition plans and increases the likelihood of a successful transaction and long-term viability of the merged entity.

Whether it is a developer/builder or banks who want to merge with another company or lenders looking to expand outside of its market sector, we work with all parties to ensure a positive outcome.